Interview with Eje 64 Candle Maker Earthy Corazon

Interview with Eje 64 Candle Maker Earthy Corazon


Tell us a little bit about your background, how did you get your start making candles?

Earthy Corazon is a queer Chicana-owned shop of candles and natural body care based in East Los Angeles. My journey with Earthy Corazon grew from my own process of healing and intentional gift-giving. I wanted to offer gifts for my family and friends that felt meaningful and connected. I felt motivated by that love and in February 2020, Earthy Corazon was born in East Los Angeles.

Throughout the pandemic, Earthy Corazon became a way for folks to send a thoughtful gift to their loved ones, it helped connect people from afar. This journey has helped me connect to more than I could have imagined. It's a labor of love for the community, to support sacred healing spaces in our bodies and in our homes. The love and intention for these offerings is to provide not only for self-care, but community care as well.

Everything in this shop is created in small batches and with hand selected ingredients that are vegan, locally sourced, and eco-friendly. Keeping the environment in mind with every decision made. My candles and body care offerings are inspired by nature, they are simple and whole.

Where does the name Earthy Corazon come from?

In the spirit of nature, everything is connected. I felt inspired by that, nature is a great healer, and I wanted to honor that truth by sharing with people the labor of my heart. This is how I came up with the name Earthy Corazon.

What is inspiring you right now? What are you currently working on?

Right now I am most inspired by the fall, my favorite season. I love the cozy weather, spooky season, and especially Día de los Muertos. It is such a ceremonious time to honor ancestors, create an altar with ofrendas, and spend time with my loved ones, past and present. I am currently working on a candle that captures the essence of that.

What are some of your favorite scents?

My favorite scents change seasonally, it's really hard to stick with one for a long period of time. Current favorite is Lavender Eucalyptus, because it is both a calming, relaxing scent, yet refreshing and clean. As a Virgo calm and clean are two of my favorite qualities.

What is your favorite part of the candle making process?

My favorite part of candle making is the step by step process. Melting the wax, mixing the oils, calculating measurements, prepping the jars, pouring the wax, test burning— it's a lengthy process, but it has become a ritual for me. A rhythmic movement that becomes meditative. Everyday is a mindful interaction with my hands, wax, heat, and scents.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

In the future I would love to create a variety of cold-process soaps. I love botanicals, working with herbs and water, this would be an exciting way to combine all of those elements. Nothing sounds cozier than relaxing in a bath with a lovely candle and botanical soap to ground with.


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