Interview with Eje 64 Candle Maker The Wednesday Co

Interview with Eje 64 Candle Maker The Wednesday Co


Tell us a little bit about your background; how did you get your start making candles?

I started making candles in 2020 after a conversation with my friend. We talked about how he began experimenting with candles, and it planted a seed in my brain, and the idea was born to create candles in fun shapes.
I had a hard time initially, and I started to put away all my molds and wax until one day, I used my candles in a store display, and people kept asking for them. So viola, I decided to try adding them to my shop again.

Where does the name The Wednesday Company come from?

It's silly, but I like Wednesdays; Wednesday is a great middle day of the week. After Wednesday, you know the weekend is around the corner. I figured at some point in the future, I would be in the company of other people, and so boom, The Wednesday Company.

What is your creative process like?

My creative process always starts with ugly doodles. The doodles are for both my illustrations and candles. I must visualize how I'm prepping a candle mold and trying a different effect. Then there's lots of testing. Much of my wax goes to testing, so I draw out my ideas to have an end goal for the look of the candle. A lot of these experiments are still in the testing phase, lol. Hopefully, I can release more later this year.
I save A LOT of photos of pastries. I need a photo of any pastry or coffee I have because that could serve as inspo for a new candle. 

What is inspiring you right now? What are you currently working on?

What's inspiring me right now are my teen memories. I'm a 1992 baby, and everything I grew up with is making a comeback, which is exciting because now, with my grown-up money, I can enjoy what my mother would probably say no to. Right now, I'm working on new candle molds and more stationery. I won't say what I'm molding because I'm still learning to set things correctly.

Where did you get the idea for food shaped candles?

I have always loved stuff that looks like real-life objects but is something unexpected. For example, I have an entire collection of food-shaped erasers, and I love them; I don't use them; I enjoy their presence, which is the same idea for my candles. But I want to ensure other Spanish speakers know I had them in mind when making the candles.
How often do you hear your family members complaining about how bad bread is for them, but they love it so much? Anything my mother likes that she deems bad is her "enemigo"; this is why I named all the candles cutesy names like Pancitos de mis Sueñitos or Bizcochito Mi Amorcito. I don't want dessert or bread to be an enemy. The Orange candle is different; I named it after Morir Soñando, one of the best Dominican drinks. I will not hesitate to add some culture to my candles where I can.

What is your favorite part of the candle making process?

My favorite part is when I'm finished with a candle, lol. I'm like, WOW, I really did that. Three years ago, I was hoping to do what I'm doing now, so each time I achieve an effect; I get so excited because I feel like a Pokemon that evolved.

What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I'm planning more Dominican, Caribbean-inspired candles in the future. Everything in my shop has to reflect the City Chica life, so I want to ensure folks feel they're in the cutest, most aesthetic Latin bakery cafe they've ever been to and then take a piece of that home to bring joy to their own spaces.

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