Interview With Visual Artist Palomita Voladora

Interview With Visual Artist Palomita Voladora

 Tell us a little about your background; How did you start as a visual artist?

I am a visual artist by profession, I started with my interest in the audiovisual part but as I learned more techniques and history, I fell in love with crafts, with everything that has a “handmade” component and I stayed exploring this path

Where does the name Palomita Voladora come from?

Palomita voladora  was created almost by itself, I don't remember very well the exact moment when I gave it a name... but at first I wanted something that referred to the sky, the clouds, to fly... and what better than something/someone that flew so high that he could pierce the clouds, someone whose home was the sky :barely_sunny: and from that emerged Palomita:fairy::skin-tone-2:

How is your creative process?

At palomita I manage two lines: one is personalized designs, where there really isn't that much of a creative process, people come with a specific design or idea and I follow that idea.:bulb:

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