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Tamago - Handmade Ikebana Flower Vase by Artesana Pottery

Tamago - Handmade Ikebana Flower Vase by Artesana Pottery

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Materials:  Clay, slips and glaze
Care instructions: Wash by hand.   Handmade one-of-a-kind pottery deserves to be handwashed.
How it's made:  The designs are free hand drawn and painted individually using slips (clay with stains or oxides), all without templates.  Pieces are thrown on the potters wheel. After two days they are trimmed to shape the foot of the piece and this is when drawing is added and painted.  Once a piece is full dry (after 2 weeks depending on weather) they are fired for the first time (bisqued fired) at 1945 F.   The firing process takes 2.5 days to complete and unload the kiln.  At this point they are wiped cleaned and glazed using a white and a clear glaze.  Before applying a clear glaze on the design, a black glaze  is cleaned off and reveals the outline of the design.  Once glaze is applied, they are fired one more time (glaze firing) at 2175F, a process that also takes 2.5 days until the kiln is cool enough to open and take the pieces out.  In total, a month-long process.

Estimated Measurements:  Handmade pottery is done without done without much emphasis on creating identical size pieces. That beauty of hand made and also keeping a connection with the work of a folk potter.  It is all done with intuition. Of course, after making a piece many times , a potter intuitively knows how much clay to use and pieces begin to look identical.  These particular pieces are approximately 5’x 3’ inches.  

Inspiration:  All Ana's work is inspired by the folk potter tradition from around the world and specially from her native country El Salvador. 

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